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Oilheat Information

Whether you own an Oilheated split level in Speonk, a colonial in Cold Spring Harbor or a ranch in Rockville Centre, you're not alone! Almost 60% of Long Islanders like you also enjoy the safety, efficiency, value, reliability and safety of today's Oilheat.

Long Islanders love a good bargain.
And with higher energy prices a fact of life for some time now, it's more important than ever to get the best value for every energy dollar spent. Long Islanders can rest easy knowing that Oilheat prices are lower than they've been in years.

Long Islanders want the most for their money.
The cost of heat is also very important to homeowners. Today's advanced Oilheat equipments offers energy efficiencies ranging from 85% to 96%. That means from 85 to 96 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes to heating the house and the hot water used in it. This outstanding efficiency does wonders for the family budget!

Long Islanders love a green Long Island.
Research conducted at Brookhaven National Labs right here on Long Island shows that major advancements in Oilheat burner technology have reduced oil burner emissions to near zero levels. In fact, the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission ratings affirm that oil burners are now one of the cleanest combustion sources in the United States. Recent advances in Oilheat, such as Bioheat® heating oil and ulta-low sulfur Oilheat, now mandated in New York State, represent major steps forward on behalf of Long Islanders who enjoy the warmth and comfort of Oilheat.

Long Islanders want to feel safe and secure.
No wonder they prefer Oilheat! Heating oil is non-explosive. In fact, it will not burn in a liquid state. In order to light oil on fire, you must heat it to above 140° F, the point at which it begins to vaporize. If an oil burner malfunctions, it usually creates a detectable amount of smoke before it produces carbon monoxide. This serves as an early warning signal for the presence of this colorless, odorless gas.

Bioheat® Heating Oil Long Islanders love convenient heat.
Customers benefit from having their fuel source safely stored in a tank on their property -with no need to worry about the weather or disruptions in their fuel supply. Modern underground storage tanks are designed with corrosion-resistant materials to make them safer and more leak-proof than ever before. And optional tank enclosures provide additional protection for aboveground tanks that can be conveniently located in the garage, basement or next to the home. (Source: National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA))

Are there options for replacing my tank? What are the tank abandonment laws? Do tanks provide safe and efficient storage? These are just some questions that you might be asking ... and we have the answers! If you live in either Nassau or Suffolk County this informative brochure will provide you with all you need to know about heating oil storage tanks - and more! To download a PDF of this brochure, click on the image to the right. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this literature, please call us at 1-800-796-3342. Act now - supplies are limited!.

tank borchure Long Islanders can depend on an ample supply.
We will not run out of Oilheat anytime soon. The U.S. is now the world's leading oil producer. More than half of our country's petroleum comes from our 31 oil-producing states. We enjoy an over-abundance of crude oil, and world oil reserves will last for a long, long time. Once more, breakthrough advances in oil exploration, development and production technologies ensure that oil supplies will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Long Islanders love to be pampered.
Fact is, when surveyed about their comfort level, Oilheat customers around the country said they are very satisfied with their home's warm and cozy feel. And what better way to feel pampered than to have prompt, courteous, personal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long?

Long Islanders love their freedom of choice.
Just as you can choose from a list of local restaurants, you can choose from many local Oilheat suppliers. Moreover, you are free to choose from a "menu" of services to fit your needs and your budget - everything from service contracts and payment plans to automatic delivery. In addition, this choice of local Oilheat dealers benefits Long Islanders in the form of competitive pricing.


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