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The Full Benefits of Full Service

Your local Oilheat dealer offers a multitude of services that can help to maximize your comfort, minimize your costs and give you more bang for your energy buck.

How do you protect your home comfort system and shield your budget against expensive out-of-pocket repair costs at the same time? With a service plan, of course! You'll enjoy prompt, around-the-clock emergency service, as well as "priority response" over those customers not enrolled in plan. Service plans may also cover as many as 100 system parts plus labor. And there's one aspect of a service plan that can actually lower your heating bill by as much as 5% - the annual tune-up - most often included free with your service plan.

Budget plans are a great way to take control of your fuel budget - especially when you pay for most of your heating oil over the span of three or four months. These plans take your yearly Oilheat costs and divide them into equal monthly payments, usually 10, 11 or 12. At the end of the budget season, your dealer will either credit your account for the following year or bill you for the remaining balance due. No matter how cold it gets or what happens to oil prices, you'll have the peace of mind and convenience of knowing exactly what you'll pay each month.

Now, more than ever, price protection is the way to go. These free "lock in" programs help you to manage your Oilheat bills with price caps and pre-buy plans. When you enroll in a price cap program, you'll have the security of never paying more than the capped price - the highest price you'll pay for your Oilheat, no matter what happens to the weather or world events. If prices go down, your delivered price will also go down! You may also opt for a pre-buy plan, in which you purchase your Oilheat in advance of the heating season, at a lower pre-season price (there is a minimum purchase required).

With today's rising energy prices, the most sensible investment any homeowner can make is one that pays a dividend through greater efficiency. If your heating system is at least 15 years old ... if it's not heating your home as evenly or quickly as it should ... if you're renovating your living space ... if you haven't had your system serviced once a year ... or if your energy costs are rising even when you turn the thermostat down, it may be time to think about upgrading your inefficient warm air furnace, hot water boiler and hot water heater. Today's modern comfort equipment boasts efficiencies as high as 90% or more to provide you with increased comfort, cleaner and quieter operation, and savings of up to 30% off your energy bills.

Simple things like dusting off radiators, covering widow air conditioning units, lowering your hot water heater temperature setting, replacing furnace filters, even shutting the door to rooms you seldom use can lower your energy bills. Your local Oilheat dealer is happy to offer these energy-saving tips and can install simple devices to minimize your fuel usage, such as a programmable thermostat. When used properly, it can shave as much as $100 off your annual fuel bill.

Oilheat technicians are trained and re-trained in cutting-edge comfort equipment and installation techniques. They not only "know their stuff," they also understand which products are right for your needs and budget. The industry offers dozens of training sessions each year, approved by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA).

Topics covered include everything from hydronic heating to electronics and wiring, from customer service to codes of ethics covering courtesy, cleanliness and even pricing.

Sometimes it can really pay off to be a good customer! Some dealers may reward prompt payments with discounts. Others may reward customers who refer family and friends with a credit toward fuel or equipment purchases. If you renew your service contract every year, your dealer may reward you with "loyalty credits" or "comfort credits" toward the purchase of new heating and cooling equipment.

Think of automatic delivery as a time-saver ... which can ultimately save you money. Using sophisticated software and your past fuel delivery history, your dealer can determine precisely when you'll need your next Oilheat delivery. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the warmth ... no wondering whether your fuel gauge is "empty" ... no worrying about your family's comfort ... and no waiting for the fuel truck to arrive.

Through long-standing relationships with suppliers, local Oilheat dealers are able to gain access to a ready supply of fuel even in the coldest weather when it's most essential. Moreover, many dealers have their own bulk oil storage facilities. This gives them buying power, because they can purchase bulk quantities of fuel at times when wholesale prices are lowest, and then pass the savings on to you.

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Local dealers may also offer other "little touches" to give you your money's worth, such as:
  • FREE safety inspection and heating efficiency analysis
  • Senior citizen or military discounts
  • New homeowner gifts
  • Toll-free 800 numbers
  • Online bill payment and account status
  • FREE customer newsletters
And remember, most dealers will gladly customize their services to meet your budget and individual home comfort needs. All it takes is a phone call.


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